Managing Tasks Skills: Motivating & Coaching People for Optimal Performance

25 Oct, 2021, Virtual Classroom Training

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Julia Lai Abdullah

  • Certified Master Trainer (Institute of New York Master Trainers), USA
  • Certified PSMB Trainer (Malaysia)
  • Certified Prior Learning Assessor (UK)
  • Certified Experiential Activity-Based Trainer, USA
  • Certified Workplace Big Five Profiling, USA
  • Certified (ESOL) English for Speakers of Other Languages Trainer, UK
  • Certified OJT Trainer (NPC) Singapore
  • Certified Administrative Professional (CAP - IAAP, USA)
  • IAM Diploma (UK)
  • LCCI Sales & Selling Management Diploma (UK)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Australia


Julia Lai Abdullah is a development and training specialist with more than 20 years of experience under her belt. She has consulted for organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Malaysia on core functional soft skills to upscale employees’ performance and productivity. Julia has the confidence to influence and spearhead learning in her programs. Her excellent communication skill, easy-going and motivational style has helped energize and motivate her participants to participate and learn. Her passionate belief that everyone can succeed has directed her focus to assist participants in surpassing their own expectations. She has coached thousands of executives and teams throughout the years to achieve effective leadership, greater productivity, impactful communication, exceptional service, teamwork, and continuous improvement.


Julia’s knowledge, hard and soft management skills were developed over ten years in banking and finance, two years in retailing, three years in manufacturing, two years in diplomacy, and four years in adult education – managing various operating areas – learning and applying the skills it takes to run world-class driven organizations. With her unique background and expertise, Julia would be able to help your organization to create a culture of efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation.


Over the years, she has conducted and designed customized courses for her corporate clients across different industries:Banking, Manufacturing, Energy, Education, Service, Insurance, Hospitality


To name some of her clients:
Tropicana Shared Services, DHL, On Semiconductor Malaysia, DELL Global (Cyberjaya), Sony EMCS, Ambank, F-Secure, Kuok Brothers, Aspiro, Aeon, Bank Pembangunan, BASF, Petronas Chemicals, Container Line, MHTC, International Medical University, Petron , JOS, CTC Global, Titan4, Tokio Marine Insurance, Mitsui OSK Lines, MSTS Asia, UCSI Education

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  • Module 1: Perform Model & Driving Performance Tools
  • Module 2: Coaching For Performance Improvement

Performing at work is much more than just turning up to do a job. But for many this might be what work has become.


Your job as a manager/supervisor is to engage your colleagues so that they want to do more, much more than just turn up.


As Peter Drucker suggests, there is no more important activity because; “People determine the performance capacity of an organization. No organization can do better than its people.”


Performance management is about good management that delivers for customers, individuals, their teams and the organizations that employ them. How does this happen? It is likely to come from well-motivated employees.


Understanding the importance of motivation, and how to encourage and sustain it, is perhaps the real key to managing performance.

  1. Being able to create and sustain a performance management environment for your people.
  2. Using performance driving tools to inspire, motivate, counsel and coach for better performance.
Managers, Senior Supervisors & Team Leads
Interactive learning experiences. Exploratory & Sharing discussions. Application of P E R F O R M tools.

Getting the best out of people. So, how do you do that? The key is in a working environment which allows teams to use their abilities to perform, and which encourages their desire to do so. Performance management is about creating and sustaining that environment.

  • Use the PERFORM model to help you combine the intent or desire of motivation, with the capacity and capability to achieve:
    - POTENTIAL – how to develop the potential in your people
    - EXPERTISE – how to put expertise to work
    - RESULTS – how to review results
    - FOCUS – how to place focus on priorities
    - OPPORTUNITIES – how to create opportunities for people to excel
    - RESOURCES – how to allocate appropriate resources
    - MOTIVATE – how to motivate people to surpass their potential
    Application & Practice Exercises
    Visual Learning
1:00 Lunch


  • The UCOACH Technique
    - Learn, Practice, Listen, Think
  • Unlock the Potential: Your people; Your organization; Yourself
  • Improve employee performance, productivity and change management
    Application Exercise
    Visual Learning
5:00 End of Course