Building Facilities Management, Operation & Maintenance

27-28 Oct, 2021, Virtual Classroom Training

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HJ. ROZALI BIN AYED has over 49 years of field experience in electrical engineering, and he currently serves as Technical Director for Karo Engineering Services specialized in installation, testing and maintenance of electrical installation. Throughout his 49 years of careers in the field of electrical engineering, he has held numerous positions such as Senior Chargeman, Senior Technician, Foremen, Assistant Engineer, Project Manager, Facility Manager, Consultant Engineer, Technical Advisor, and has served for both the public (Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia) and private sectors.


He also possesses a great wealth of experience in teaching, lecturing, consulting for over 38 years, and he is currently engaged with the Construction Industrial Development Board of Malaysia (CIDB) as a Valuation Officer for the Site Supervisory Certifications in electrical construction works. In addition he is officially recognized as Train The Trainer (TTT) awarded by Pusat Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB).


He has also passed special government examination to be qualified as Assistant Electrical Engineer, holder of Diploma Skills Malaysia in the field of “Electrical Technology” awarded by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia/Kementerian Sumber Manusia Malaysia. Holder of Professional Certification as Competent Electrical Engineer (supervisory), Competencies certifications as Chargeman Category B4 – 33kV and Wireman Category PW4 Three-Phase Testing and Endorsement awarded by Energy Commission of Malaysia. He has successfully attended Technical and Industrial Training organized by the Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), at NEC Corporation Tokyo, Japan (1984-1985), successfully attended User Training in Energy Management System (EnMS) – ISO 50001, and User Training in Fan Systems Optimization held in the year 2012 organized by Industrial Energy Efficiency for Malaysia Manufacturing Sector and collaborated with the United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

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  • Introduction – What Is Facilities Management?
  • What Are The Areas Of Facilities Management For A Building?
  • Formation Of The Facilities Management Organization Team.
  • Determine The Best Method Of Building Facilities Management.
  • Budgeting, Cost Accounting And Cost Control Procedures.
  • Identified Eleven Core Competencies For Building Facilities Management.
  • Determine Work Priorities.
  • Formation Of Work Control Center.
  • Questions And Answers Session.

    Course is conducted in English & Bahasa Melayu

To ensure the sustainability and continuous excellent performance of building facilities, the facilities management team should be competent and professionally perform the tasks on the appropriate approach of management activities.


Adhere to the appropriate management methods, procedures, standard operating procedures, safety procedures, security procedures, safety and health procedures, fire safety procedures etc. Compliance to certain legal requirements such as Building By Law (BBL), BOMBA & Safety Law, Electricity Act & Regulations, Safety & Health requirement by law etc.


This course will also include Understanding and Practicing the Eleven Core Competencies identified by “International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and towards the end discussion on the Case Study.

  1. Providing the most up-to-date guidance, value added knowledge and appropriate approach of building management, operation and maintenance.
  2. Gaining more knowledge and experience to build up your skills, competencies and confident level.
  3. Minimizing downtime due to failures of system and facilities equipment.
  4. Being able to minimize operation and maintenance costs.
Technical and non-technical personnel who are directly or indirectly involved in the building facilities management, operation and maintenance; Building Facilities Manager, Building Manager, Building Facilities Engineer, Building Maintenance Executive, Chargeman, Technician, etc.
  • Interactive Presentation
  • Case Studies
  • Discussions
  • Exercises
  • Questions and Answer Session

    Course presentation will be in dual languages (English/Bahasa Malaysia)

What is Building Facilities Management, Operation and Maintenance?

  • Full description meaning of building facilities management, operation and maintenance.
  • What are the Areas of Building Facilities Management?
  • Elaborate the areas coverage of building facilities management.

Formation of Building Facilities Management Organization Team

  • How to develop an effective building facilities management team; such as determine the most relevant personnel and number of workforce, types of equipment to be managed and maintain, operational duration, functionalities of the building etc.
  • Determine the Best Method of Building Facilities Management
  • Such as computer added facilities management, determine specific requirement for the building such as Building By Law (BBL), CIDB, compliance to standards, standard operating procedures (SOPs), compliance to legal requirements, Safety and Health, BOMBA and Security Requirement etc.

End of Day 1


Determine the Budget Requirement

  • Financial requirement, cost accounting and cost control procedures.
  • Identification of Eleven Core Competencies founded by International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
  • To be performed for the excellent achievement building facilities management.

Determine Work Priorities

  • How to avoid backlog and how to reduce backlog.
  • Work Control Center
  • To channel the task to the operation and maintenance team, formation of Customer Service, Customer Feed Back, Report and analysis.
  • Conclusion – questions and answers session.
12:30 End of Course