Termination of Employment

17 Mar, 2023, Remote Online Training - Public

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Dr. S. Selvanathan PhD. LLB (Hons) UK, DIP. (HRM) UK has over 35 years of experience in the area of Human Resource and Industrial Relations Management having risen from the ranks to become the General Manager (Human Resource Department) of a leading multinational organization.


In the course of this rich experience he was a panel member of the Industrial Court for 3 terms and has heard disputes that were brought before it for arbitration. His experience includes handling Industrial as well as Labour Court cases. Due to his vast experience, he is frequently called up as a consultant and his clients include numerous multinational organizations involved in electronics, manufacturing, construction, hotel, security, human resource and service industry. He is also a regional trainer in areas relating to the subject.


He is also involved in Industrial Safety and was the Chairman of the Occupational Safety & Health Sub-Committee of the Malacca branch of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers’ for about 10 years besides being the Chairman of the house committee on Occupational Safety & Health. He has attended the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme and the Safety Officers Certification Course conducted by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). He is also a certified trainer by PSMB.


He was also a pioneer in the research and implementation of the Code of Conduct for the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace.


He is a specialist on the Labour Laws of Malaysia and was also actively involved in the various labs conducted by PEMANDU under the Prime Minister’s Department in the last amendments especially to the Employment Act 1955, the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and the Trade Union Act 1948. The amendments came into force on 1st April 2012.


He was also actively involved in the recent (2020) proposed amendments to the Labour Laws.


Dr. Selva had assisted many organizations both local and multinationals in the implementation of Human Resource Policies and guidelines, Compensation and benefits, Wage systems, Appraisal system (KPI), Company Handbooks, Manuals, Managing Misconducts, Etc.


His trainings amongst others include:
The Employment Act 1955, Industrial Relations Act 1967, Trade Union Act, Minimum Wages, Minimum Retirement Age, Managing Misconducts at Workplace, Managing Industrial Relations, How to manage an effective Appraisal System (KPI), Sexual Harassment, Termination of employment, Domestic Inquiry, Establishment of JCC (Joint Consultative Council), HR Documentations & Forms, Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA), Etc.


Dr. Selvanathan (PhD) holds a Law Degree (LLB. Hons) (UK), Dip. HRM (UK), is also a Professional Will Writer.

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Remote Online Training - Public

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  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Restrictive Covenant (RC)
  • Module 3: Termination of Probationer for Poor Performance
  • Module 4: Fixed Term Contract (FTC)
  • Module 5: Termination for Breach of Contract
  • Module 6: Constructive Dismissal (CD)
  • Module 7: Frustration of Contract
  • Module 8: Termination on Medical Grounds
  1. Being able to motivate employees and instilling a sense of belonging.
  2. Avoiding high cost of litigation.
  3. Creating a happy working environment.
  4. Understanding employer/employee relationship entailing in profitability through productivity.
  • Managing Directors
  • General Managers
  • HR/IR Directors, Managers, Officers and Executives
  • Directors / Decision Makers
  • Corporate / HR / IR Consultants
  • Personnel / Training Managers
  • Administrations Managers / Officers
  • Compensations and Benefits Managers
  • Payroll / Salary Administrators
  • Those Handling Employee Relations

Interactive lectures and Discussions. Industrial Court Awards and GUIDELINES will be used throughout the course.


Module 1

  • Introduction
  • What is Termination?
  • What is Dismissal?
  • Notice of Termination
  • Industrial Relations Act on Termination

Module 2: Restrictive Covenant (RC)

  • What is RC?
  • Can you restrict an employee from joining a Competitor?

Module 3: Termination of Probationer for Poor Performance

  • What is Poor Performance?
  • Measurement of Poor Performance
  • Procedure
  • What if no Probationary Clause in Contract?

Module 4: Fixed Term Contract (FTC)

  • What is FTC?
  • Can it be applicable to all category of employees?
  • Advantage / Disadvantage of FTC
  • Termination Benefits Payable?
1.00 Lunch

Module 5: Termination for Breach of Contract

  • What is a Breach?
  • Absence of more than 2 consecutive working days.
  • Must you pay Termination Benefits?

Module 6: Constructive Dismissal (CD)

  • What is CD?
  • Rights of Workman
  • Rights of Employer

Module 7: Frustration of Contract

  • What is Frustration of Contract?
  • Principles

Module 8: Termination on Medical Grounds

  • Always on Medical Leave?
  • Actionable grounds
5:00 End of Course