Writing Professional Business Documents – Skills and Techniques

21-22 Dec, 2022, Armada Hotel

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Ms. Geetha Renganathan is an experienced Media Professional, who has worked with several print and online media, public relations consultant, sub-editor for a news agency and marketing communications (Marcomm) manager.


Her vast work experience in Malaysia and abroad has allowed her to work and associate with people from various domains. She is a professional writer/editor with excellent inter-personal and people-management skills. She has been actively relating with people of various cultural backgrounds to bridge grey areas in communications to comprehend the industry needs of an organisation. However, she holds highest acclaim for her work in the media industry especially in communications, editing and writing areas, and media handling/relations.


Ms Geetha started her career as a Journalist and rose to Staff Correspondent for The Sun Media Group and ventured out to Multimedia University to work with Diploma students before joining an international training service provider. Given her strong competency with the English language and Bahasa Malaysia, she continued to work with the media and joined Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency) as a sub-editor for the economics desk (wires) before joining the hotel industry as Marcomm Manager.


Her core training programmes include writing skills, public relations, media handling, effective presentation and communications skills including critical/crisis communications, and digital marketing.


Ms Geetha’s clients include Royal Selangor Golf Club, Martin Brower, Cradle Fund Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia, AIA Shared Services, TTCS Tax Consultants, My Town, Ehsan Group of Companies etc.

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  • Module 1 – Writing Buildings Blocks
  • Module 2 – Writing Foundation
  • Module 3 – Building Ideas
  • Module 4 – Plan First Write Second
  • Module 5 – Write It Right
  • Module 6 – Effective Emails and Netiquette
  • Module 7 – Business Memo
  • Module 8 – Business Letters
  • Module 9 – Practical Workshop

This course provides participants with techniques to structure a diverse range of business documents for better clarity and impact. It underlines a strong focus on writing effective documents for better readability purposes, ensuring messages are communicated concisely and clearly.

It takes proper skills to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently, concisely, and accurately. This course has been designed specifically for those who frequently write business documents. It accentuates exclusively the skills you need to make the writing process easier, and smoother, resulting in producing documents that are more effective.

This two-day course is specially designed for those who regularly prepare written documents in the organisation. We pay close attention to all types of business writing; letters, persuasion, refusal, or action, reflecting current word usage and up-to-date formats. You can also upskill your writing proficiency and amplify your writing style for professional business documents that are brief yet concise, clear, and direct, complete, and accurate.

Our two-day course manoeuvres you to construct business documents that save time and cost. It presents you with tips for error-free, simple English communication that will enhance your message to your target audience.

  1. spelling and grammar issues in Business Writing.
  2. Reviewing basic concepts in sentence and paragraph construction.
  3. Selecting words that support your message without disrupting reader understanding.
  4. Applying techniques to present clear, concise, fact-based, effective writing.
  5. Acquiring techniques for proofreading and communicating clearly.
  6. Applying skills in real work applications by practicing good written communication
Our business-writing course targets individuals required to write professional documentation such as emails, letters, and reports.

This is an interactive course with highly engaging activities and practice sessions formulated apply your newly acquired skills into action throughout the session.

These activities include preparing different types of business documents in as well as reworking one of your own business documents with the help of our experts.

Our courses are delivered with a strong emphasis on WHOLESOME LEARNING that is complemented with an array of ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT TECHNIQUES that will make learning interesting, exciting, and fun.

We use a combination of expert input practice and small group sessions forwarding the best opportunities for skills transfer into the workplace by adapting learning tools inclusive practical writing exercises.


Module 1 - Writing Building Blocks

  • Understanding Business Writing
  • Grammar and style for creating persuasive content
  • Common writing errors
  • Sentence and paragraph construction for effectiveness and reliability


Module 2 - Writing Foundation

  • The 6 Cs in Business Writing – clear, direct messages using plain language
  • Crafting brief, simple sentences to improve readability
  • Choosing common words to make the messages and meaning clear  



Module 3 – Building Ideas

  • Converting action into verbs for straight forward and concise writing
  • One-idea paragraph
  • Table Activity – Constructing a skeleton from a given topic  


1:00 Lunch

Module 4 – Plan First Write Second

  • Clear Objectives
  • Organise and plan
  • Creating a structure before writing
  • Ensuring your structure supports and delivers readers’ need/requirements



Module 5 – Write It Right

  • Conciseness, Headings, Writing in a flow
  • Selecting information
  • Mind Mapping – Bonus Module
  • Activity – planning the outlines 


5:00 End of Day 1

Module 6 – Effective Emails and Netiquette

  • Emails that speak and connect
  • Tool for clarity – Pointers and tables
  • Subject line etiquette


Module 7 – Business Memo

  • Functions of a Memo
  • Format of a Memo
  • Techniques for an effective memo


1:00 Lunch

Module 8 – Business Letters 

  • Understanding the use of Positive Language
  • Transform statements from ordering/ accusing to appealing/neutral statements
  • Letter of Adjustment – Responding to a complaint



Module 9 – Practical Workshop 

  • Group Activity – Responding to a Complaint – Case Study
  • Group Activity – Non-Routine Request


5:00 End of Course