(MC) Malaysian Labour Laws Made Easy

25-26 Oct, 2023, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

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Cyril Pagadala
Cyril has a BA (English) and MA (Human Resource Management).

Cyril has vast real work experience, in local and multinational companies, of more than 18 years in the field of Human Resources Management, Administration and Operations in various industries: banking, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and publications. He last held the position of Director of Administration and Human Resources of a group of companies

He has managed all HR functions from recruitment to termination/dismissal such as: Setting up the HR Department A-Z and company start-up operations with appropriate systems in a new organization as part of start-up operations, developing policies and procedures, writing operational procedures, developing performance appraisal standards, managing recruitment and selection, setting up wage systems, designing motivation strategies, reducing employee turnover, training, handling misconduct, taking disciplinary action, conducting the domestic inquiry, handling grievances, carrying out negotiations with trade unions and collective agreements, etc.

He is now a lecturer and corporate trainer since 2007 in the field of: human resource management, HR laws, leadership principles, customer service, business communication and English. He lectures on the OUM degree programmes in Human Resource Management hosted by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF)

His tenure in organizations has provided him with deep insight and lasting exposure to various problems and solutions of different kinds. He brings this exposure to his specialized areas of training.

He delivers and facilitates the programmes in a simple, easy-to-understand way and willingly shares knowledge. Due to his real hard-knock work experience, he is able to provide many simple solutions to work challenges.

He has trained a wide range of organizations such as:
CCM Chemicals, Ornasteel Enterprise Corporation, FELDA, Euratech (M), Alliance Bank, Affin Bank, MBF Cards, Telekom Malaysia, PERODUA, RHB Bank, Optimax Eye Specialist Centre, Hotel Maya, Tanjung Rhu Resort, Prestar Steel Pipes, Companies Commission Malaysia, Manulife, TNB, Malaysia AIDS Council, Malaysia Newsprint Sdn Bhd, Equatorial Hotel, BC Petrochemical, Wonder Bowl, Schaefer Kalk (M), Guardian Venture (M), Kudrat Maritime, Bumimetro Construction, Sinora, Global Airfreight, Shangrila Hotel, Hitachi Chemical, Redtone Telecommunications, Multipurpose Insurance, Pacific Regency Apartments, STT Technologies, Fujiya Constructions, Boulevard Hotel, EON, Cargil Palm Products, Petronas, Hospital Pantai Indah, Country Heights Resorts, YTL Land, Sime Kansai, Samsung Electronics (M), JVC Video (M), Kelab Sukan Cahaya, UPD Systems, Takaful Nasional, Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka, Job Street.com, Inti College, Toshiba, etc.

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  • Introduction to Malaysian Labour Laws
  • Approved Working Hours & OT Limits
  • Rest Days
  • Public Holidays
  • Administration of Annual Leave
  • Handling Sick Leave Problems
  • Administering Maternity Leave
  • Minimum Wages Act (Latest)
  • Authorized Deductions from Wages
  • Handling Employee Termination
  • Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012
  • Part-timers
  • Handling Indiscipline
  • Conducting the Domestic Inquiry
  • Decision-making for Indiscipline
The main laws governing employees in Malaysia are the Employment Act 1955 (EA), Labour Ordinances (Sabah 2004 and Sarawak 2005) (LO) section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 (IRA)

The Employment Act 1955, Labour Ordinances 2004 (Sabah) and 2005 (Sarawak) deal with employment and administration of minimum terms of employment

Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 deals with dismissals

All Managers both HR and Non-HR / Line Managers should know all these laws as these managers and executives manage employees

In this course the participants will learn about the rights and obligations of employers and employees and how to administer them to employees. They will also learn how to handle indiscipline in their departments and how to conduct the domestic inquiry.
The course is delivered by a seasoned HR practitioner who has mastered the art of delivering legal course in a straight forward non-legal way.

The participants will therefore find it very easy to master the subject in 2 days.

FAQ: Will participants receive a copy of all relevant documentation
  1. Extend the laws to the organisation on employing and terminating employee service
  2. Follow the correct calculations for benefits and entitlements.
  3. Follow the proper disciplinary procedures for misconduct
  4. Perform the duties at the domestic inquiry or sit as chairman or member of the panel and make fair decisions as a neutral person
  • HR Managers
  • HR Executives
  • HR Assistants / Clerks
  • Operational Managers
Interactive Presentations, Discussion, Workshop Sessions & Case Studies

Introduction to Malaysian Labour Laws

  • Role of the Employment Act 1955 / and LOs 2004 and 2005
  • Objectives of Industrial Relations Act 1967
  • Type of entitlements under the law
  • Protected employees under the law
  • Types of employment contracts

Approved Working Hours & OT Limits

  • Normal working hours & days of work
  • OT Rates
  • Limit of OT per day and per month

Rest Days

  • Number of days
  • Rate for work during normal hours
  • Rate for work during OT

Public Holidays

  • Compulsory and non-compulsory PH
  • Payment for work done on normal hours on PH
  • Substituting PH
1:00 Lunch

Administration of Annual Leave

  • Paid annual leave
  • Unpaid leave
  • Forfeiting unutilized annual leave
  • Encashment of annual leave & PH

Handling Sick Leave Problems

  • No of sick leave days
  • Conditions for sick leave
  • Hospitalized leave
  • Panel doctor medical leave
  • Non-panel doctor medical leave

Administering Maternity Leave

  • Maternity Leave entitlement
  • Conditions for Maternity Allowance
  • Paid and unpaid maternity leave

Minimum Wages Act (Latest)

  • Applicability
  • Min monthly, daily, hourly wages
5:00 End of Day 1

Authorized Deductions from Wages

  • Authorized deductions
  • Limit on deductions
  • Modes of payment

Handling Employee Termination

  • Resignations and retirements
  • Circumstances for termination and retrenchment
  • Notice period for termination / retrenchment
  • Calculating short notice
  • Last working day and last day of service

Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012

  • Age of retirement
  • Applicability
  • Non-applicability


  • Who is a part-timer?
  • OT rates
  • Benefits
1:00 Lunch

Handling Indiscipline

  • What is misconduct?
  • Major and minor misconduct
  • Issuing cautions and warnings
  • Charge sheet
  • Suspension letters

Conducting the Domestic Inquiry

  • Who sits on the panel?
  • Rights of employer and employee
  • How to carry out the Domestic Inquiry
  • Writing the Inquiry Report

Decision-making for Indiscipline

  • Types of disciplinary action
  • Dismissal
  • Suspension
  • Case law of precedents
5:00 End of Course