Effective Contract Administration & Supplier Management Improving Procurement Performance & Cost Efficiency

20-21 Nov, 2023, Wyndham Grand Bangsar Kuala Lumpur (Formerly Known As Pullman Bangsar Kuala Lumpur)

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MANO HAARAN has more than 21 years of practical work experience in contracts administration, supplier management, procurement, project management, supply chain and logistics, etc. He specializes in training, facilitation and consulting to both the public and private sector in areas like Procurement Efficiencies including addressing issues of contracts administration, fraud, cost management and product life cycle management, Warehouse Management, Operations Management, Total Cost Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Logistics management, Stock Taking and Auditing,


His landmark consulting experience was designing of materials part numbering and coding systems, preparation of standards, policies and procedures for a large rail network. He was also involved as a consultant for the development of an automated business solution for a wholesale/retail stationery business with off shore branches where he was instrumental in business process analysis, process improvement, project management and eventual successful completion and commission of the system.


Mr. Haaran’s sample of illustrious clients list for training include Shell, UMW Toyota Motor, Celcom, Samsung, Proton, Colgate-Palmolive, Eon Finance, Philips, Hicom-Yamaha, Malaysian Oxygen, NEC, Petronas, General Electrics, Gamuda, Johnson & Johnson Medical, JVC, Kontena Nasional, Glaxo Wellcome, Hitachi, Hong Leong Lurssen Shipyard, National Heart Institute (IJN), Kenwood, Macfood Service, Nestle, Mattel, Matsushita Industrial Corporation, Maybank, Minolta Precision Engineering, MISC, Perwaja Steel, Seagate, Canon, BASF and UPS, Petronas Carigali, Sidel, Western Digital, Perodua, Sharp, Panasonic


He holds Masters in Business Administration (MBA) USA.

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  • Principles Of Effective Procurement
  • Managing Procurement By Contracts
  • The Contract Drafting
  • The Essential Preliminaries Of A Contract
  • Risk Management
  • Selection Of Suppliers
  • Contract Performance And Progress Monitoring
  • Supplier Development
  • Software To Manage Contracts

Procurement is an essential function that contributes to cost efficiencies of an organization. Some companies major spending is in the areas of materials purchase, either, direct or indirect, and could run into hundreds of millions of dollars annually. When a robust system of managing these funds is absent, there could be a total chaos; fraud, unethical behaviours and maverick purchases.

By formulating a carefully drafted contract that creates a win-win situation for all parties of a business, major issues, conflicts and inefficiencies are driven out of the equation. The only way then is to understand how contracts help to achieve company strategies.

What You Will Learn
  1. Understanding The Essentials Of Procurement
  2. How To Manage Procurement By Contracts
  3. How To Design And Draft A Contract
  4. The Essential Preliminaries Of A Contract
  5. Risk Management
  6. Selection Of Suppliers
  7. Contract Performance And Progress Monitoring
  8. Supplier Development
  9. Software To Manage Contracts
  • Purchasing Managers & Executives
  • Contract & Client Managers & Executives
  • Supply Chain Managers & Executives
  • Procurement Managers & Executives
  • Professional Buyers
  • Material Managers & Executives
  • Inventory Control Managers & Executives
  • Project Managers/Leaders
  • Finance & Admin Managers & Officers
  • GLC And Government Contract Officers
  • Legal Officers
  • Heads of Department
  • Entrepreneurs, Etc.
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Group Discussions
  • Exercises/Cases
  • Questions & Answers
Day 1


  • Functions – Understanding The Basic Functions
  • Type Of Buying Situations – How Buying Situations Differ And The Impact On Procurement Functions
  • The Process – A Typical Process That Ensures Contract And Company Policy Compliance
  • Responsibilities – The Role And Responsibilities Of Procurement To Ensure Compliance, Management And Monitoring Of Contracts


  • What Is A Contract – Definition, And What Constitutes Contract
  • Importance – Why Contracts, The Essentials, How It Affects Performance And Cost Benefits
  • The Need For Contracts – A Paradigm Shift That Looks At Contracts For Cost Efficiency And Consistency
  • Type Of Contracts – Looks At Various Contracts That Can Be Considered For Businesses
  • Legal Aspects To Consider – Essential Laws That Need To Be Understood And How The Legal Aspects Determine The Drafting Of Contracts
1:00 Lunch


  • The Essentials Of Contract Drafting And The Traps To Look Out For
  • Key Contract Provisions – The Opportunities A Contract Provides In Ensuring Fairness And Setting Obligations
  • Key Elements Of A Contract – Ensuring Essential Requirements Are Included With Clarity
  • Determine The Applicability Of Other Contract Terms To A Particular Contract Like Dispute Resolution, Etc.
  • Contentious Clauses In Contracts - The Need To Understand Contentious Clauses And How To Include Them In The Contract


  • Specification – Looks At Why Specification Is Important To Ensure The Contracts Begin On The Right Footing
  • Preparation Of SOW & RFP – What Is A SOW & RFP; The Difference And Importance Of It, How It Helps
    Determine The Course Of The Contract
  • Steps In SOW – Essentials Of Developing A Good SOW To Ensure The Contract Completes Its Terms Successfully
  • Importance Of RFP – Ensuring The Important Details Are Included To Avoid Inconsistencies And How A Detailed RFP Avoids Litigation And Problems
  • Tenders & Quotations – Looks At The Fundamental Differences And Usage In Business
  • Rights – Conditions And Rights Of Buyers And Sellers
5:00 End of Day 1
Day 2


  • Types Of Risks – Defining Risks And The Various Types Of Risks That Should Be Considered In Business
  • Transfer Of Risks – 13 INCOTERMS – How International Trading Addresses Risk By Understanding Risk Transfer And Responsibilities
  • Identifying Risks – Acknowledging Risks And Its Sources
  • Responsibilities – Looks At Responsibilities Of All Parties Of A Contract In Addressing Risk
  • Managing Risks – Looks At The Various Stages Of Managing Risks In A Contract


  • Supplier Rating – Suppliers Are Rated According Company Criteria Prior To Selecting Them For Any Business Deals
  • Criteria – Looks At The Basics And Standards Expected That Will Ensure Consistency And Quality Of Potential Suppliers
  • Selection – This Process Looks At All The Essentials After The Criteria Have Been Met
  • Negotiation – Negotiation With Suppliers Prior To Contract Acceptance


  • Measurement - Setting Measurement Methodology And Monitoring Principles
  • The Experience Stage – Understanding How Relationships Are Developed And Addressing Key Contract Issues While Contracts Are On Going
  • Monitoring Techniques – Setting Key Performance Indicators And Making The Contract Performance Based
  • Change Control – Changes May Happen Periodically In The Life A Contract And How Changes Can Be Addressed With Derailing The Contract
  • Contract Closure – All Contracts Will Come To An End And Needs To Be Closed Effectively
1:00 Lunch


  • Understanding Supplier Relations – Why Work With Suppliers And How A Relationship Could Be Developed For Good Business Practices
  • What Is Supplier Development? – Understanding Why Suppliers Have To Be Developed For Mutual Benefits, The Ways In Which Suppliers Are Developed
  • The Process Of Development – Supplier Development And The Experience Factor And How Loyalty And Commitments Are Explored


  • The Need For Efficient Monitoring Mechanism – Looks At How Computer Systems Could Contribute To Cost Efficiency Of Managing Contracts
  • Cost Benefits Of Software – While It Is Good To Automate Tedious Processes, Cost Benefits Have To Be Looked Into
  • Functionality & Integration – Looks At How Compatibility Determines Decision Making In Systems Investment
  • Risk Reducing & Compliance Monitoring – How Systems Take Away A Major Portion Of Standardized Processes And Provide Better And Effective Ways Of Monitoring Contract Progress
5:00 End of Course