Managing Procurement as a Profit Centre

29-30 Apr, 2024, Wyndham Grand Bangsar Kuala Lumpur (Formerly Known As Pullman Bangsar Kuala Lumpur)

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Mr. Steven Yeo

MBA in Supply Chain Management (USA)

Certified HRDF Trainer (TTT certificate number 4669)

Certified Professional Trainer and Facilitator (University Malaya, Malaysia)


With over 33 years of dedicated corporate experience in Supply Chain Management, Steven Yeo brings a wealth of expertise to the field. His focus spans training, facilitation, and consulting, catering to both public and private sectors in Malaysia and overseas. His comprehensive knowledge encompasses Procurement, Supplier Management, Warehousing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Risk Management, International Payment Systems, and Operations.


In his final role before retiring from full-time corporate employment in 2019, Steven served as the Company Director and Supply Chain Manager for a multinational French company based in Melaka.


Steven’s distinguished career is marked by numerous accomplishments, including:

 • Cost Reduction Management Program:

Spearheaded and managed a successful cost reduction program, resulting in savings of up to RM6.5 million for the company.

 • Supplier Contract Management:

Played a pivotal role in managing supplier contracts, actively involved in proposing, drafting, and renewing contracts with suppliers. Collaborated with internal stakeholders and legal experts to en sure robust negotiations.

 • Intellectual Property Protection through Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs):

Managed NDAs with suppliers to safeguard the company’s intellectual property.

 • International Contract Negotiations and Supplier Relationship Management:

Successfully negotiated with a major European customer to secure a new contract. Conducted visits to overseas suppliers for performance improvement and strategic selection of new suppliers.

 • Establishment of Supply Chain Controls:

Established controls and procedures, emphasizing the importance of supply chain control. Achieved 100% shipment performance to customers.


Steven Yeo has conducted training sessions for a diverse range of organizations, including major

entities such as Sepang Aircraft Engineering (a subsidiary of AIRBUS), Inari Amerton Berhad, Syarikat Wen Ken Drug Sdn Berhad, MyMedic Innovation Sdn Berhad, Q Value ADD Penang, World Kitchen Berhad (Pasir Gudang), Food Excellence Sdn Berhad, Nanmu Yarn Manufacturing, Chuen Cheong Food Industry, Syarikat Batu Bata Kia Lim Berhad, Accenture, Continental Tyres Malaysia, Plexus Malaysia, Escatec Manufacturing, Canon Medical System, Kian Joo Manufacturing, Frenken Mechatronics, Hershey Foods, BINA Plastics, Kian Joo, AUO Sun power, Alliance Contract Manufacturing, Everbest Bio Tech Kulim, Infineon Malaysia, Adient Malaysia, COHU Malaysia, Overland Total Logistics, Toshiba Transformers Malaysia and Overseas training program in Dubai and India sub-continent.


His extensive industry experience adds invaluable depth to his training, as participants consistently praise his ability to impart practical knowledge and skills. His insights have proven instrumental in saving resources, time, and mitigating potential errors for participants.

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  • Module 1: Procurement As Profit Centre
  • Module 2: Understanding Proper Procurement Structure And The Objective Of
  • Module 3: Developing & Increasing Value Chain In Procurement System
  • Module 4: Strategic Sourcing And Tendering And Bidding System To Increase Competitiveness And Profit
  • Module 5: Choosing Your Partner In Procurement For Better Profitability
  • Module 6: Managing Orders And Delivery Management
  • Module 7: Strategic Supplier And Vendor Management
  • Module 8: Managing Cost Saving As Profit Generator
  • Module 9: Procurement Role In Inventory Management
  • Module 10: Reporting For Procurement Accountability

With the greater globalization of the marketplace very often companies need to sell at the lowest cost possible due to competition and one of the key area profits can be generated are via efficient and effective sourcing and purchasing of material and services, allowing companies to produce the same quality standards at lower cost.

Procurement centers are now becoming more like a profit center to companies around the world as they are being viewed as the “trading arm” of the company with efficient and effective procuring of material and converting these materials into high quality product and create a higher value and this profit for the company.

This course is designed by an experienced professional consultant and trainer with over 30 years of experience to help participants to achieve the goal stated above.

This course is highly recommended for all levels of Employees, including those in Clerical, Supervisory, Executives and Managerial Positions responsible for Procurement and Purchasing, Supply Chain And General Management.

  1. LEARNING The Strategic Role Of Procurement In Business Operation.
  2. UNDERSTANDING The Concept Of Procurement As A Profit Center.
  3. IDENTIFYING The Types Of Strategies That Need To Be In Place To Manage Suppliers And Vendor For Performance.
  4. DEVELOPING Action Plans To Implement Suppliers And Vendor Management Strategies.
  5. EXECUTING Risk Assessment And Taking Action To Overcome To Ensure Supplies Are Not Disrupted.
  6. KNOWING How To Produce Profit-Oriented Report For Procurement.
  7. MASTERING Key Processes To Turn Procurement Into Profit Center.
Managers/Executives/Supervisors/Officers from:
• Purchasing/Procurement
• Distribution & Supply Chain
• Materials Planning & Control, Logistics
• Vendor Development
• Suppliers
• Finance
• Business Development
• Merchandizing
• Sourcing
• Operations
• Buyers
  • Interactive Lectures And Facilitating To Increase Understanding Of Subject Matter
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Case Studies & Brainstorming Session
  • Discussions
  • Exercises To Evaluate Participants Understanding

Module 1: Procurement as Profit Centre

  • The definition of Cost Centre
  • The definition of Profit Centre
  • Evolution of Procurement from Cost Centre to Profit Centre

Module 2: Understanding proper Procurement structure and the Objective of Procurement

  • Suppliers versus Vendor
  • Key Objectives of Procurement
  • Procurement organizational structure
  • Definition of Strategic and Tactical
  • Key Procurement Analysis using PQR
  • Strategic Role of Procurement
  • Tactical Role of Procurement
  • Procurement Quality and System Procedure

Module 3: Developing & Increasing Value Chain in Procurement system

  • Key Element of Value chain creation
  • Value chain Frameworks
  • Area of value chain creation
  • Competitiveness model for Value chain creation
  • Case study
1:00 Lunch

Module 4: Strategic Sourcing and Tendering and Bidding System to increase competitiveness and profit

  • Traditional sourcing – understand the history
  • Strategic sourcing – creating competitiveness advantage
  • Understanding tendering and bidding system
  • Reverse bidding
  • Strategic Tendering process and procedure
  • Case study

Module 5: Choosing your Partner in Procurement for better profitability

  • 11 key elements of supplier and vendor selection
  • Positive supplier trait and negative supplier trait
  • Cost and Price evaluation strategies
  • Financial analysis, ratio analysis
  • Review the Balance sheet
  • Audit and risk management
  • Case study
5:00 End of Day 1

Module 6: Managing Orders and Delivery Management

  • Effective Purchase ordering system
  • Type of Purchase order
  • Purchase order – a legal document perspective
  • Expediting management
  • Case study

Module 7: Strategic Supplier and Vendor Management

  • Key element of supplier relationship management
  • Cycle of Supplier Management, from selection to off boarding
  • Supplier traits, knowing how to deal with them
  • Soft strategies in supplier management
  • Hard strategies in supplier management
  • Contract management
  • Reviewing system - Setting objectives
  • Reviewing system - Measurement
  • Reviewing system – creating competitive advantage and off boarding
  • Quiz

Module 8: Managing Cost Saving as Profit Generator

  • Cost Reduction versus Cost Avoidance
  • Cost saving process cycle
  • Cost saving measurement strategies
  • Cost saving strategies
  • Understand ERRANT concept
  • Cost saving organizational structure
  • Case study
1:00 Lunch

Module 9: Procurement Role in Inventory Management

  • Type of Inventory Cost
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Impact of Excess Inventory
  • Implementing Pull Kanban system
  • Inventory turnover ratio
  • Reorder and Safety stock
  • Demand Planning
  • Consignment stock
  • Vendor Management Inventory
  • Measuring Inventory cost performance

Module 10: Reporting for Procurement Accountability

  • Cost Variance management
  • Key Performances Indices
  • Inventory performances
  • Profit analysis contribution from procurement activities
5:00 End of Course