Leadership Skills For Supervisors And Team Leaders

22-23 Feb, 2021, Webinar Classroom Training

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DR. V. THANABALAN VELLOO has extensive experience in the field of operations performance improvement particularly in various manufacturing and services industries. He is not only an excellent and resourceful training consultant; he is also skilled in management and leadership of organizations.


Dr Thanabalan has much experience in manufacturing operations and has held various managerial positions such as Production Manager Packaging Manager, Planning and Logistics Manager, Sales Manager and Factory Manager. To name a few of the organizations that he has worked for are Carsem semiconductor, Baxter Healthcare, London Rubber Company, Solectron, Mona Industries and Asiatic Dipped Products. This experience has given him a thorough understanding of the opportunities and problems involved with managing work, people and customers.


While working in the manufacturing sector, he pursued an MBA program with University Kebangsaan Malaysia, majoring in General his MBA in 1998 and also due to his passion for training, he switched his career to Training and development.


Dr Thanabalan completed his PhD in 2013 in the area of training transfer.


To date Dr Thanabalan has conducted more than 900 training programs mainly in the area of employee development, customer management and operations management/improvement. He has conducted training programs in many business areas for government organizations and private sectors such as Ministry of Defence, TLDM, UMW, Titan Group, CS Metal Industries, Sharp Roxy, Petronas, ShinEtsu Sdn. Bhd., Triplus Industry, Metrod Sdn. Bhd., Shinko Electronics, Green Riverwood, Omron Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Hap Seng Consolidated Bhd., YTY Industry, Maruyama Sdn. Bhd, Top Glove etc. He has also provided quality trainings to more than 5000 clients over the past ten years.

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  • Module 1: Introduction to Leadership
  • Module 2: Types of Leadership Styles
  • Module 3: Organizational Excellence Through Effective Leadership
  • Module 4: Controlling Self Discipline
  • Module 5: Developing Motivated Leaders
  • Module 6: The Role of Leaders in Developing Employees
The objective of this course is to increase team leaders and supervisors leadership skills in an organization. This course is also to build confidence among line leaders, supervisors , managers etc. In today’s changing environment it is extremely important for supervisors to possess excellent skills in leadership, team development and human relations. The results is excellent performance with an excellent work force. An organization which is to succeed in the future is one which can obtain high commitment from all their employees. Being front liners, supervisors and team leaders need to be equipped with specific leadership skills to adapt in a changing business environment.
  1. Identifying leadership skills needed by supervisors and team leaders.
  2. Being able to know leadership contribution in developing effective human relations.
  3. Improving the ability to handle self discipline problems.
  4. Being aware of different styles of leadership and how one can influence workers with positive working attitude.
  5. Identifying the various ways of leading employees and to build employee loyalty.
  6. Determining the role of leaders is today’s business world.
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Executives
  • Managers
This course will utilize a combination of lectures, discussions, practice sessions and group discussions

Module 1: Introduction to Leadership

  • What is leadership?
  • Who are leaders?
  • The relationship between Leadership and management
  • Leadership styles
  • Why organizations need effective leadership
  • Current challenges at workplace that requires effective leaders
  • Roles and additional responsibilities of a leader
  • Characteristics that make a good leader
  • Group discussion
  • Case study


Module 2: Types of Leadership Styles

  • Management view towards leadership
  • Employees view towards leadership
  • The autocratic approach
  • The democratic approach
  • The situational leadership approach
  • Group discussion

Module 3: Organizational Excellence Through Effective Leadership

  • Empowering subordinates
  • The 8E’s of empowerment
  • Ways of measuring leadership excellence
  • The old and the new leadership styles
  • Changing from reactive to proactive
  • Shift from change resistance to change management
  • Motivating employees towards excellence
  • Group Exercise
12.30 End of Day 1

Module 4: Controlling Self Discipline

  • Leadership by example
  • Coaching and counseling employees
  • Self evaluation
  • Human characteristics with positive self concept
  • Perceptions that leads to barriers towards excellence
  • Why humans are not motivated
  • Group discussion
  • Case study

Module 5: Developing Motivated Leaders

  • Why aren’t supervisors and team leaders motivated
  • What is motivation
  • Work culture as a basis towards motivated employees.
  • Reasons why employees don’t achieve their performance as expected
  • The importance of productive interaction at workplace
  • Ways of motivating employees
  • The 4C’s in building employee commitment
  • Commitment and competency
  • Group discussion

Module 6: The Role of Leaders in Developing Employees

  • Getting leaders to be objective driven
  • The PCK approach in managing employees
  • Creating career path management
  • Supporting employee motivation
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Implementing performance management
  • Techniques in handling poor performance
  • Managing poor performing employees
  • Case study
12.30 End of Course