Developing Effective Report Writing Skills

29 Mar, 2021, Webinar Classroom Training

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Ms K. Yasotha, an experienced corporate trainer in the areas of business communication, personal development, leadership, customer service, public speaking as well as writing skills, has more than 16 years of experience in the education and training industry. She has trained participants from various leading institutes and multinational organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Her participants comprise officers, support staff, secretaries, executives and managers from numerous corporate sectors.


Having been the Customer Relations Manager for an international organization, she imparts the essential skills and knowledge that are pertinent to ensure the highest quality of service to internal and external customers while maintaining professional business etiquette. In addition, she has also published course books entitled “Easy English / Working English” for the National Productivity Board (NPB) of Singapore.


Ms K.Yasotha, who is on a personal mission to educate and empower individuals with the necessary knowledge in order to achieve personal and organizational goals, is well-known for her practical, dynamic and lively sessions. She achieves her objectives and mission through challenging interactive sessions, thus consistently receiving excellent feedback from her participants.


Among the organizations that she has conducted in-house training for are Sony Video, ACCA, Mayban Assurance, AE Technology, Bank Pertanian, KLMF, SP Setia, BDO Binder, GEP Associates, Great Eastern,, MCIS, Bax Global, Morrison, Zaid Ibrahim & Co., Kobe Precision Technology, Malaysian National Reinsurance Bhd, BASF Petronas Chemicals, Morrison, Penang Port Authority, Multimedia University, Tenaga Nasional Bhd, Yamaha , Soritsu Sdn Bhd, Mattel , Komag, Kobe, B Braun, Transocean, Antah Schindler, Sysmex, Skynet, Syarikat Maluri, Automotive Centre of Excellence, Atos Origin, Westport, Proton, CIMA, Schlumberger, Astro, Visiber, Efogen, RHB , UOA, OUB, Interflour, Hong Leong, Securities Commission, CPA,MIA, Bank Islam, Celcom, Forlife , Malaysian Institute of Arts…


Ms Yasotha, who is a PSMB certified trainer and a certified NLP practitioner, holds a Cert in TESL, B.A. (Hons) in English and M.Sc. in Corporate Communication.

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  • Module 1: Writing Clear Sentences and Paragraphs in Reports
  • Module 2: Mastering the Techniques for Effective Writing
  • Module 3: Producing Concise and Precise Short Reports
Writing effective and accurate reports is necessary for individuals who are required to deliver information on a regular basis at the workplace. This course focuses on a structured approach to writing and the development of techniques and skills that are necessary for effective report writing.
  1. Being able to familiar with active and passive voice and parallelism in writing.
  2. Understanding the basic techniques that produce good writing.
  3. Knowing the various aspects for successful short reports.
  4. Mastering the skills of concise and precise writing.
  5. Writing effective short reports that are easily comprehended.
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Secretaries
  • Admin Staffs
  • Clerical Personnel
  • Personnel who is in-charge of report writing or minutes writing
This course will utilize a combination of lectures, discussions, practice sessions and group discussions

Module 1 : Writing Clear Sentences and Paragraphs in Reports

  • Understanding the importance of effective report writing
  • Recognizing incomplete and run- together sentences
  • Practicing parallelism for clear and easy understanding
  • Using paragraphs and sub-heading for clarity of information

Module 2 : Mastering the Techniques for Effective Writing

  • Incorporating accuracy, brevity and clarity in writing
  • Being concise and precise - including only relevant information
  • Connecting ideas and improving flow using transitional words
  • Avoiding ambiguity, repetition and redundancy in writing
1:00 Lunch

Module 3: Producing Concise and Precise Short Reports

  • Understanding the purpose and sections of a short report
  • Placing and describing tables and graphs in a short report

Module 3: Producing Concise and Precise Short Reports (cont.)

  • Writing effective recommendations and conclusions
  • Producing a polished and professional short report
5:00 End of Course