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06-07 Oct, 2021, Virtual Classroom Training

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Kelvin Ng Choo Kent is a fun loving,
passionate and a magic Corporate
trainer and his sessions are nothing
but a WOW. He help people become
effective and efficient using Microsoft
Office Applications. He focused on right techniques that will improve the producttivity of the people at workplace.

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  • Microsoft Word
    - Expose the Secret Building Block in MS Word
    - Let’s Outdo the Manual Formatting
    - Get ready to design a Magazine alike Document
  • Microsoft Excel
    -Navigate and Paste in a Special Way within Excel
    - Transform Data for Reporting
    - Work with Multiple Worksheets the easy way
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    - Introduction to PowerPoint
    - Slide Contents- Text contents
    - Finalizing PowerPoint Slides
  1. Identifying the Word Markers that is used in the Document.
  2. Applying Word Styles to centralize the document formatting .
  3. Navigating and Selecting the contents of the Document swiftly and effectively.
  4. Combining Text and Images within a Document easily.
  5. Collaborating with team members to complete the articles or proposal.
  6. Sending Personalized Marketing Material via Mail Merge feature.
Personnel who mainly use Microsoft Office, especially Administrative, Operational and Middle Management Staff.
  • Guided Learning, group-paced, hands-on classroom training with real life examples for business applications.
  • Challenging exercises are set based on practical applications for typical organizational functions such as HR, Admin, Production, Sales etc.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is an under-rated software. Most Users will assume that Microsoft Word is a very easy software to learn and use. There is some truth in the statement. Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processing software. It can be used to write letters, proposals, articles, marketing mailing tools, and more. Not only it has vast applications, but it can be done very fast if you know the right way to use it.

Learning Outcome

  1. Using the Word Styles to simplify Formatting and creating Table of Contents.
  2. Creating and using the Building Block (AutoText) to simplify the workflow.
  3. Designing Word document with confident.

Expose the Secret Building Block in MS Word

  • What is the Building Block?
    - Locate the Building Block
    - Super Shortcut : add AUTOTEXT to the Building Block
    - Maximize the advantage of using AutoText in Microsoft Word
    - Administer the AutoText Entry


Let’s Outdo the Manual Formatting

  • The magical world of Word Styles
    - Discover how you can format easily using Word Styles
    - Modify the whole document formatting like a Superhero in just seconds
  • Why applies Styles? What else can it do?
    - Prepare a Table of Contents in just 3 Clicks… yes 3 Clicks. It is not a Joke
    - Be amazed with the flexibility to Modify and Update the TOC
1:00 Lunch

Get ready to design a Magazine alike Document

  • What does Magazine look alike document?
  • Turn a single column document to multi column document
  • Explore the Sections in a Document
    - Adding, Modify and Remove Sections in the Document
  • Pictures Speaks a thousand words
    - Place the picture anywhere you want
    - Wrap the Text around the Image
5:00 End of Day 1

Microsoft Excel
Many people have always been pressed to understand the best of Microsoft Excel. You will be making your Microsoft Excel the best companion in this course and generating the best report using Microsoft Excel faster than you might imagine. The course is designed to help users bridge the gap between their current Excel expertise and the final report they want. Impress the boss with excellent reports and get the management’s attention.

Learning Outcome

  1. Applying all the Best practices in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Writing Excel Formulas to clean up messy data.
  3. Navigating and managing worksheets like a Excel Master.

Navigate and Paste in a Special Way within Excel

  • How to instruct Excel to Select what we want?
  • Select Blank cells and summarized Data Quickly… just ONE click
  • Calculate in Microsoft Excel without Formula… just Paste Operation
    Transform Data for Reporting
  • Data Cleansing can be difficult but not with Text Functions
  • Convert data can never be easier

Work with Multiple Worksheets the easy way

  • Navigate between the Sheets can never be any easier
  • Arrange multiple worksheet side by side within the same File

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software that enables users to create engaging presentations. PowerPoint enables users to add animation and effects to slideshow elements. As a presenassume that Microsoft Word is a very easy software to learn and use. There is some truth in the statement. Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processing software. It can be used to write letters, prontation, and animate your slides to give them greater visual impact.

Learning Outcome

  1. Presenting your PowerPoint Slides like a Professional Speaker.
  2. Adding Content to the Slides from any source.
  3. Applying Custom Slides Presentation using one Deck of Slides.
1:00 Lunch

Introduction to PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint Slides Guidelines
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Controls
  • Slide Contents- Text contents
  • Prepare contents using Microsoft Word
  • Import text from Microsoft Word

Finalizing PowerPoint Slides

  • Use Custom Slide Show
  • Reuse Slides
5:00 End of Course