Manipulating Data Effectively with Microsoft Excel

22-23 Sep, 2022, Remote Online Training - Public

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Kelvin Ng Choo Kent is a highly experienced digital arts instructor and master trainer with more than 17 years ofexperience in the Office Automation Consultation, Graphic Design, Animation and Print Production arena. He is a graduate of Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) and holds the distinction of being certified as Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), Microsoft Office 2016 Master Specialist MCP & MCT, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Semantics, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis & Time-Lines.

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Remote Online Training - Public

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  • References & Names | COUNT Functions
  • Text Functions | Date Functions
  • Logical Functions | Lookup Functions
  • Database Functions | Paste Special | Print Setup
  • Sorting and Filtering Data | Reporting with PivotTable
  • Linking data | Report Checking Features
  • Advance Charting | What-If-Analysis
  • Macro Recording| Security Settings
Microsoft Excel is a software for storing numerical data and analyzing them. It is one of the most flexible and commonly used applications in Office. Whatever career path you choose, you will probably have to use Excel to achieve your professional goals, some of which may happen every day. For one way or the other, we all work with numbers. When we want to record, analysis and save such numeric data, Microsoft Excel comes in handy. At this intermediary level, it provides an overview of the Excel forms and features used every day for preparing reports and analytics for our managers.
  1. Distinguish Excel Data thoroughly & preventing common mistakes in Excel Reports.
  2. Perform accurate and consistent Reports using the right Formula or Functions.
  3. State the Logic in the Formula by using Logical Functions to automate outcome.
  4. Present information & Summarizing Data accurately quick and easy.
  5. Rewrite accurate and consistent Reports using the right Formula or Functions.
  6. Able to print final report in proper setup and presenting professionally.
  7. Able to apply Logic in the Formula by using Logical Functions to automate outcome.
  8. Able to get information & summarize Data accurately quick and easy.
Personnel who use Microsoft Excel to analyse and prepare management reports, especially Administrative, Operational and Middle Management Staff.
  • Guided Learning, group-paced, hands-on classroom training with real life examples for business applications.
  • Challenging exercises are set based on practical applications for typical organizational functions such as HR, Admin, Production, Sales etc.

Excel References  

  • Consolidating Data Using a 3-D Reference Sum Function
  • Mixed References within Formulas


 Excel Named Ranges

  • Naming Cell Ranges
  • Removing a Named Range
  • Named Cell Ranges and Functions



Excel Statistical Functions

  • COUNT Function
  • COUNTA Function
  • COUNTIF Function
  • COUNTBLANK Function

Excel Text Functions

  • Left function
  • RIGHT Function
  • MID Function
  • TRIM Function



Excel Time & Date Functions

  • Inserting the Current Time and Date
  • TODAY Function
  • WORKDAY Function
  • NETWORKDAYS Functions
  • EDATE & EOMONTH Functions


1:00 Lunch

Excel Logical Functions

  • IF Function
  • AND Function



Excel Lookup Functions

  • VLOOKUP Function
  • HLOOKUP Function



Excel Database Functions

  • DSUM Function
  • DAVERAGE Function
  • DMAX Function
  • DMIN Function
  • DCOUNT Function



Paste Special Options within Excel

  • Using Paste Special to Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide
  • Using Paste Special ‘Values’
  • Using Paste Special Transpose Option



Excel Setup & Printing Issues

  • Worksheet Margins
  • Worksheet Orientation
  • Worksheet Page Size
  • Headers and Footers
  • Scaling Your Worksheet to Fit a Page(S)
  • Printing Titles on Every Page
  • Previewing a Worksheet



5:00 End of Course

Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Sorting Data by Multiple Columns at the Same Time
  • Using AutoFilter
  • Sub-Totalling
  • Removing Subtotals


Pivot Tables

  • Creating and Using a Pivot Table
  • Filtering and Sorting Data within a Pivot Table
  • Automatically Grouping Data in a Pivot Table and Renaming Groups
  • Manually Grouping Data in a Pivot Table and Renaming Groups



Linking & Embedding

  • What Is Embedding and Linking?
  • Linking Data within a Worksheet
  • Linking Cells between Worksheets within a Workbook
  • Linking Data between Workbooks
  • Linking Data from Excel to a Word Document
  • Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document
  • Updating, Locking and Breaking Links


  • Data Validation - Whole Number
  • Data Validation - Decimal Number
  • Data Validation – List
  • Removing Data Validation


  • Tracing Precedent Cells
  • Tracing Dependent Cells


1:00 Lunch


  • Creating a Combined Line and Column Chart
  • Adding a Secondary Axis to a Chart
  • Changing the Chart Type for a Particular Data Series
  • Re-Positioning Chart Title and Legend
  • Modifying Chart Axis Scales
  • Formatting an Axis to Display Using Commas



Input Tables 

  • One-Input Data Tables
  • Two-Input Data Tables 




  • Scenario Manager


  • Record macro
  • Assigning a Macro to a Button
  • Deleting Macros



Passwords & Security Issues

  • Adding ‘Open’ Password Protection to a Workbook
  • Adding ‘Modify’ Password Protection to a Workbook
  • Password Protecting Cells and Worksheets


5:00 End of Course