(MC) Handling Difficult Customers and Complaints Effectively

20 Oct, 2023, Melia Kuala Lumpur

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DR. V. THANABALAN VELLOO has extensive experience in the field of operations performance improvement particularly in various manufacturing and services industries. He is not only an excellent and resourceful training consultant; he is also skilled in management and leadership of organizations.


Dr Thanabalan has much experience in manufacturing operations and has held various managerial positions such as Production Manager Packaging Manager, Planning and Logistics Manager, Sales Manager and Factory Manager. To name a few of the organizations that he has worked for are Carsem semiconductor, Baxter Healthcare, London Rubber Company, Solectron, Mona Industries and Asiatic Dipped Products. This experience has given him a thorough understanding of the opportunities and problems involved with managing work, people and customers.


While working in the manufacturing sector, he pursued an MBA program with University Kebangsaan Malaysia, majoring in General his MBA in 1998 and also due to his passion for training, he switched his career to Training and development.


Dr Thanabalan completed his PhD in 2013 in the area of training transfer.


To date Dr Thanabalan has conducted more than 900 training programs mainly in the area of employee development, customer management and operations management/improvement. He has conducted training programs in many business areas for government organizations and private sectors such as Ministry of Defence, TLDM, UMW, Titan Group, CS Metal Industries, Sharp Roxy, Petronas, ShinEtsu Sdn. Bhd., Triplus Industry, Metrod Sdn. Bhd., Shinko Electronics, Green Riverwood, Omron Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Hap Seng Consolidated Bhd., YTY Industry, Maruyama Sdn. Bhd, Top Glove etc. He has also provided quality trainings to more than 5000 clients over the past ten years.


Dr Thanabalan is a versatile and bilingual training consultant; his fluency in Bahasa Malaysia has given him a competitive advantage especially in the present workplace conditions. He is a certified trainer with PSMB and to date has also conducted TNA projects and Train the Trainer programs for several companies. He is also a certified business coach representing University Malaya in coaching programs.


His participants always receive enhanced benefits and impactful results from his training programs because of his vast industrial exposure in various areas. He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, higher level of performance of the individual, team and the organization in achieving organizational goals.

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  • Module 1: Who is Customer?
  • Module 2: Why Customers become difficult?
  • Module 3: Strategies in Handling Difficult Complaints?
  • Module 4: Positive Working Attitude
Customers whose expectations are very high can become very difficult to a business. Businesses which over promises and under deliver end up having to manage difficult customers as well. Failing to manage difficult customers may cause dissatisfaction among customers which could eventually lead to losing them. Therefore, effective approaches in handling difficult customers can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and retain customers. Difficult customer may lead to complaints that can result in losing them.
  1. Outline the reasons for poor relationships.
  2. React to customer complaints effectively.
  3. Comply and manage customer expectations.
  4. State quality customer service and enhance company image.
  5. Classify and deal with difficult customers in a more professional manner.
  6. Analyzing complaints in order to make appropriate decisions.
  7. Increasing their capability of retaining customers.
  • Customer Service Staffs
  • Sales & Marketing Staffs
  • All internal customer service staffs
  • Operation staffs
This course will utilize a combination of lectures, discussions, practice sessions and group discussions

Module 1: Introduction (Who is Customer?)

  • Understanding the role of mindset in personal productivity
  • Categories of customers in a business
  • Initiating, developing customer relationship
  • Gaining customer commitment
  • The key in building long-term customer partnerships
  • What is quality customer service?
  • Principles of total customer satisfaction for customer-service workers

Module 2: Why Customers become difficult?

  • Who is a difficult customer?
  • What makes customers difficult to handle?
  • Aggressive customer
  • Why do people get aggressive?
  • Moments of truth
  • Deal with difficult customers in a professional manner
  • Strategies in handling difficult customers
  • Solving customer’s problem



Module 3: Strategies in Handling Difficult Complaints

  • Why people complaint?
  • How people complaint?
  • What is a customer complaint?
  • Communicating with complainer
  • Why is customer complaint handling is so important?
  • Why don’t more dissatisfied customers complaint?
  • Important techniques to use when handling complaints
  • Handling customer complaints as gifts
  • Encourage complaints

Module 4: Positive Working Attitude

  • What is positive working attitude?
  • The importance of having the right attitude
  • Characteristics of employee with right working attitude
  • Ways of developing the right attitude among employees
  • Management expectation of employee attitude
  • The role of superior
  • Group discussion

End of Course