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23 Nov, 2023, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

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MURSHIDAH SAID is a multi-award winning international speaker and adviser on personal and corporate transformation. A graduate of the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology in 1993, Murshidah runs successful businesses for more than 20 years expanding throughout Asia.


She is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a certified life coach recognised by the American Board of NLP, NBPES and NLP University (USA). She is also trained in the areas of Accelerated Learning and whole being learning to achieve better education for participants. She is a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner.


Murshidah travels regularly between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Her work involves conducting training for government bodies, multinational corporations, SMEs and professionals, to the marginalised groups like refugees, low income families and the homeless.


Her key message and topics addressed to organisations, businesses and professionals include Positive Workplace, Emotional Intelligence, THE POWER OF GIVING, Organisational Excellence through LOVE & RESPECT, and Corporate Grooming and Branding, and Customer Service Transformation. She also coaches entrepreneurs to increase profits and business impact through creating a sustainable Social Enterprise unit within their businesses.


Her work on spreading the message of LOVE & RESPECT has gone throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, India and the USA.


Murshidah is a regular speaker at conferences and is currently working on her first book. She is a regular motivator on Hello on Two on RTM2, has been a regular featured guest on the Breakfast Show on NTV7, as well as on BFM the Business Station. She was also a featured consultant in the Sep 2010 issue of NewMan magazine. In Singapore, Murshidah has been a guest on the business programme Paradigma on Warna Radio. She was also the featured Transformation Coach on KISS92 FM radio station in Singapore. Murshidah is the brand Ambassador and educator of the WORLD HIJAB DAY, a global movement that promotes better understanding of the Hijab. She has been interviewed by HuffPost Live in USA, Mob TV, Astro Oasis and featured in the Malaysian Insider. Murshidah is the main presenter on the radio programme JEWELS OF INSPIRATION, on Malaysia’s IKIM FM radio station. She was also featured the Indonesian TV show Saleha.


Murshidah is awarded THE BEST PERSONAL BRAND as a LIFE TRANSFORMER in 2017, by the Marketing Institute of Singapore.


Her social enterprise LOVE & RESPECT Transformation Centre was awarded Best Brands for Good – for Community and Business Model in 2019, by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore. She was awarded Malaysia National Sustainability Award 2019 by Global GPM (Green Project Management Organisation ) for her work on helping refugees come out of poverty. She is also the top 100 Transformation Leaders for Value Creation as recognised by GoGlobal Business School, Singapore.


Murshidah is also an active advocate in helping the marginalised groups of people in Malaysia which includes the homeless, sex workers, runaway teens, abused women and children, and those living in poverty. She conducts regular visits to raise awareness of the people in need and conducts street feeding activities to reach out to the homeless. She works with NGOs to conduct Mindset Change programmes for the people in need as well as for the volunteers and counsellors.


She has a one help one model where every paid training conducted, another mindset change and skills based training program will be done for a marginalised community. Aside from corporate training, Murshidah also runs a social enterprise called LOVE & RESPECT Transformation Centre.


During the Covid Pandemic, Murshidah has created a community based mentorship online helping startups, business owners and entrepreneurs globally to create a sustainable income online, with a social impact, to earn  $5000-$20,000 within 30-90 days

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  • Introduction To Business Etiquette
  • Basic Social & Business Etiquette
  • Grooming your Image
  • Clothes for your Body Shape
  • Your internal affecting your external

This course provides a holistic form of grooming and image to the participants where they learn to easily transform their image, looks, and confidence level. The intention to be in line with the positive transformation of the whole organization.

Image is not just the clothes and hairstyle that you wear. Image encompasses the perception that you give out to others, with your appearance, your message and how you bring this across to others and your own personal style. You will attract what you send out through your image.

The PERSONAL IMAGE EMPOWERMENT COURSE encompasses a transformation on the body, mind, heart and spirit levels. Discovering who you are, bringing that across to the heart, mind and body levels to be aligned with your purpose and your brand. You will attract all that you are meant to have in your life !

I will be sharing with you some of effective techniques that I used to overcome my personal and businesses challenges. How I learnt to rebrand and refocus the directions in my life. How I worked on myself from the lowest point in my life by using transformation techniques. That at the same time, we will have lots of fun too!

This course will be excellent for all who want to learn how to carry themselves professionally at meetings, when meeting local and international clients, at events and how they project their image. There will be tools, activities, games and sessions that lead to the empowerment and transformation of the individual at the body, mind, heart and spirit levels. Participants will learn to attract the people and the environment that they desire in their lives.

The Accelerated Learning Technology used in this course is unique to the brand of this workshop as participants learn 400% faster than any other courses. This personal grooming workshop is unlike other workshops as we incorporate external AND
internal change and participants are amazed at their transformation.

  1. Being aware on the importance of change & transformation of yourself and learn the tools to impact others
  2. Being able to learn techniques to empower yourself and breaking limitations
  3. Learning how we as a team can impact positive changes within ourselves and others
  4. Getting the lessons on how to improve your image, your confidence and how to deal with people at various occasions
  • Front-liners
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • Secretaries, Personal Assistants
  • Executives
  • Managers

Delivery will be done using the Accelerated Learning Technology. The Accelerated Learning technology makes use of flip charts, music, movies, colours and co-operative learning to create the relaxed and joyous environment. Some of the methods used to
create impact full learning include:

  • Modelling
  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Metaphors
  • Role Plays
  • Projects
  • Individual Reflections
  • Group Discussions
  • Physical Activities 

True learning occurs through discovery. The various methods used in the programme allow you to be fully involved in the process and discover the learning for yourself. Once you discover, you learn and you take ownership of the learning.


(Empowering your body, heart, mind and spirit) – Using NLP, SQ, Accelerated Learning) Introduction To Business Etiquette

  • Definition of Business Etiquette
  • Importance of Etiquette in the Business and Social Circles
  • Learning Guidelines


Basic Social & Business Etiquette

  • Cross Culture Greeting
  • Introducing people
  • Making social conversations and opening business conversations
  • Social Media Business Etiquette
  • Zoom Meeting Etiquette
  • Whatsapp Etiquette
  • Email Etiquette



Grooming your Image

a. Accessories
b. Clothes at Work & at Play
c. Hair
d. Professional Tudung Wearing (for Muslim ladies)
e. Nails
f. Personal Care (Body and Breath Odour)
g. Skincare

  • Colours to Enhance Your Look
    a. Personal Colour Analysis
    b. Colours Suited for Every Individual
  • How to Wear Makeup to Enhance your Look
  • Makeup and Grooming offline and on Zoom
1:00 Lunch

Clothes for your Body Shape

  • How to Look Thinner, Taller, Younger & Smarter
    a. Formal
    b. Business Formal
    c. Business Casual
    d. Casual 
  • Presenting Yourself to Your Clients
  • a. Get your personal image right
    b. Dressing to suit the locations and occasion of the meeting
  • Healthy weight management and eating healthy



Your internal affecting your external

a. Smile
a. Shaking Hands
b. Greeting
c. Clothes
d. Posture
e. Sitting and walking

(Relevance to Post Covid Times)

5:00 End of Course